Jamaican Green Banana Salad

  Green Banana is normally consumed as a starch or a side dish in Jamaica but this time I am serving it as a healthy alternative to potato salad. Green banana salad is also a great way to use up your excess green banana. The taste and texture is very similar to potato salad, especially … Continue reading Jamaican Green Banana Salad


Jamaican Salt Mackerel Recipe / Pickled Mackerel

A favorite in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, some call it “pick up mackerel” because the fish is torn into small pieces after bones have been removed – perfect for “picking up” with your fingers.  The mackerel is “soaked” or boiled to reduce the salt, then cooked with onions, hot peppers, and ketchup which gives … Continue reading Jamaican Salt Mackerel Recipe / Pickled Mackerel